What our students say about us

The most important ambassadors for our school are happy students and parents as well as successful former students. We are proud to say that we regularly receive good assessments and positive feedback on various social networks (Google, Facebook).

This is what our graduates had to say about us:

«This is a completely different system as I’ve been in ever. But for the point where I’m at in my life this is actually perfect with the independence. I noticed a lot of changes I’ve gotten a lot more confident in my school. I got very confident in my school knowledge and it’s pretty cool to know a lot of things about many different subjects which is Yeah.» Student at Academia Matura in Zurich

«When I first came to Academia, I did not expect that I was going to have a big social experience here because it’s kind of like one-to-one teaching. I was actually happy not to have to deal with classmates because I’ve had some negative experiences in the past. And then I came to Academia and after a few months at an exam, I started talking to someone and now, we meet up. I have a social life, even though I don’t have classmates. And it’s pretty cool that people are open to talking to strangers they don’t know.» Student at Academia Matura in Zurich

«Every time I struggle I say to myself: I can do this, I can go to university, I can do whatever I want after this. I can study pretty much anything. I can even study wherever I want.» Student at Academia Matura in Zurich

«The materials and the teachers obviously have an impact on your learning experience, but also the experiences that you’re having as a student are also helping you in terms of generating opportunities for the future. That students feel like being on a pathway to university leading you to a career of your choice.» Biology teacher at Academia Matura Zurich

«Know what you’re getting into, because it’s going to be a lot of work. But just knowing that you have teachers you can ask, you have books that you can look into, you have the whole World Wide Web, you can just google everything. My advice is just know you can do it but only if you put in the work.» Student at Academia Matura in Zurich

«What you’re getting both through Academia, is the teachers that you have and the materials that we’re using. Just the overall experience has really catered to that love of learning and has fostered that to a higher level than what you were experiencing before.» Biology teacher at Academia Matura Zurich

«At Academia, we have to organize our own schedules all the time. And that is a certain level of independence that is very satisfying to me and also makes me feel very prepared for pretty much everything that may come.» Student at Academia Matura in Zurich

«What I learned in history is very interesting. I can sometimes even see that it is still happening now. Or just understand the world a little bit more. I’d love to understand the world because it’s freakingly complicated and I love it.» Student at Academia Matura in Zurich

«I pretty much loved Academia from the beginning and it provided me everything that I wanted. It gave me the opportunity to go to university afterwards, it gave me the space that I needed to work my stuff out independently, which was always something that I was good at and loved to do. And foremost I could choose my six or seven subjects and do them.» Student at Academia Matura in Zurich

«I know from a teacher perspective, that the materials make it easy to teach. I mean, the students have to know their stuff but the way that the materials are integrated, really helps. I’ve made a few adjustments in the order that I cover things, but I find that the materials make it really easier for me as a teacher to express my art of teaching. Yeah, to be just kind of more natural with the way that I teach.» Biology teacher at Academia Matura Zurich

«Pearson Edexcel are pretty good at explaining through concepts. It showed me how it could be at universities in the future.»