What our students say about us

The most important ambassadors for our school are happy students and parents as well as successful former students. We are proud to say that we regularly receive good assessments and positive feedback on various social networks (Google, Facebook).

This is what our graduates had to say about us:

«I was very happy when my parents found Academia Learning. The best thing about this school was that I had a very flexible timetable so that I was able to practice and to travel whenever I had a concert. The other positive aspect of this school system, was that I could decide which subjects I want to learn and to which one I want to focus.»

Julianna C. (20), Graduate 2021 Academia Matura Zurich

«My experiences at Academia were really good. When I had to leave my old school due to health issues, I believed there would be no way for me anymore to visit university. However, after some research I found the solution at this school. Not only were they always understanding about my health situation, but especially the lessons themselves completely changed my attitude towards learning. I no longer struggle when studying and I have become much more independent. I am very thankful for the opportunity they gave me and not only the education I received, but also the changed attitude towards learning itself.»

Hagr A. (22), Graduate 2021 Academia Matura Zurich

«Before I found Academia I was very lost in the Swiss school system. My dream is to go to University and Academia opened these doors for me. I have a great relationship with my teachers and they are very flexible, which helps me in my personal and work life.»

Laura B. (19), Student Academia Matura Bern

«Academia is the perfect school for being productive. You are able to choose your
own schedule that caters best to you. In the past few months I’ve learned much more in one lesson than I ever could have had I attended a “normal” school. Because lessons are one on one whether you are struggling or excelling in classes the teachers can slow down or speed up how you go through the material.»

Kai J. (19), Student Academia Matura Bern

«From the first meeting with the school director I had the impression that this school and its staff are very professional. At the beginning of the school year I received a plan how my 3 years school plan will look like. I should say that this 3 year was the best period in my life. I had amazing teachers who supported me throughout the whole year and I was able to progress and to learn very quickly. This year I applied to different universities to study medicine and my application to the best medical school in Hungary has been successful. My dream came true to study at one of the best university in Europe and I’m sure that without my amazing teachers and this school I wouldn’t be able to reach my goals. 

I’m very happy and grateful that I was an Academia student and I would highly recommend this school to anyone who want to learn very quickly from professional, experienced teachers. I will really miss this school.»

Julianna C. (20), Graduate 2021 Academia Matura Zurich

«What you’re getting both through Academia, is the teachers that you have and the materials that we’re using. Just the overall experience has really catered to that love of learning and has fostered that to a higher level than what you were experiencing before.»

Biology teacher at Academia Matura Zurich

«At Academia, we have to organize our own schedules all the time. And that is a certain level of independence that is very satisfying to me and also makes me feel very prepared for pretty much everything that may come.»

Student at Academia Matura in Zurich

«What I learned in history is very interesting. I can sometimes even see that it is still happening now. Or just understand the world a little bit more. I’d love to understand the world because it’s freakingly complicated and I love it.»

Student at Academia Matura in Zurich