International A Levels for adults

It is never too late to catch up on obtaining a high school diploma and making your dream of studying at a university come true. A Swiss Matura is not necessarily required for this. On the contrary, we are convinced that the British Matura, known as the International A Levels, are better suited to this as you would not need to complete a degree with 13 subjects. Six subjects of the International A Levels are generally required in order to be accepted at a university. Moreover, with A Levels you also select these six subjects according to your strengths and with your future study goals in mind. As a result, you will either be able to reach your goal faster or have time to combine your studies with school, job and family.

Studying with us

We put together a study programme that suits your needs:

  • As a matter of course, you select 6 subjects which you tailor to your intended degree of specialisation and take them at the level that suits you best.
  • You define the amount of time you spend studying each week and at which times you attend your private lessons or lessons in very small classes. Based on this, we provide you with an appropriate timetable.
  • You decide whether to attend the lessons on site or online.
  • You plan your self-study into your daily routine, whenever you have the time.
  • The “NEO LMS” learning platform provides you with additional study material and allows you to contact a subject teacher directly should you have any questions.
  • You decide when to complete a subject and take the final exams in each subject on an individual basis.
  • Our teachers and the Head of Academics support you throughout your studies with us.

Would you like to find out more? Arrange a non-binding consultation interview with us.

Different paths to university

The Swiss education system offers various ways for gaining admission to university as an adult:

  • Federal vocational baccalaureate (Berufsmaturität) + supplementary examination “Passerelle”
  • Swiss Maturity Certificate for adults (Schweizerische Matura)
  • International A Levels
  • Entrance exam at university

Even if we are convinced that the International A Levels are the ideal route to university, we would be happy to prepare you for the other exams as well – just as individual and flexible as you are.

From a dream to a dream job