International A Levels for youths

Some young people might find the curriculum of a high school or gymnasium to be far too rigid. Perhaps your daughter or son needs more individual support in order to be successful at school. Or you have recently moved to Switzerland and are looking for a school where your child can obtain an internationally recognised qualification. Your child may be very involved in sports or the arts and needs a more flexible timetable. Having a weakness in individual subjects prevents success at a Swiss grammar school. We offer young people an alternative to conventional schools, which is individualized, flexible and based on your child’s strengths – so that they can later fulfil their dreams.

Studying with us

Together with you and your child, we create a programme that suits your individual needs:

  • Strength orientation: As a matter of course, your child selects 6 subjects which are tailored to his/her intended degree of specialisation and takes them at the level that suits him/her best.
  • Flexibility in terms of time: Each student has an individual timetable, tailored to the time available for lessons and self-study.
  • Flexibility in terms of location: Not only during self-study, but also in arranging lessons. Private lessons or lessons in very small classes can take place on site at one of our locations or online – you decide.
  • Individual support: Our teachers and our Head of Academics support you throughout your studies with us.
  • Additional support via learning platform: Our “NEO LMS” learning platform offers access to additional course material and the opportunity to contact a subject teacher directly in the event of questions or uncertainties or to exchange ideas with other students.
  • Learning for life: Learning suitable study skills is a matter of course for us. Thanks to the generous proportion of self-study, our students also automatically learn to study and organize themselves independently.
  • Less exam pressure: Each subject is completed individually. Our students have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills up to three times a year. If necessary, the individual exams can be repeated.

Would you like to find out more? Arrange a non-binding consultation with us.

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